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One of the most effective strategies that has given sustainability and success to our company, leader in its sector, has been to focus a large part of its resources on improving the working conditions of its collaborators, who through the organizational climate surveys show a high sense of belonging and pride, allowing Bulkmatic to be one of the best companies to work for in Mexico, which is supported by healthy retention rates despite the challenges faced by the labor market due to high competitiveness and the generational issue.


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Bulkmatic Enlaces

The Enlaces program was born in April 2011 as an initiative of Mr. Butch Bingham, owner of the company, who saw the opportunity to help people in unexpected situations and urgent health or housing needs, and created this initiative focused mainly on his employees, as well as their immediate families, in addition to contributing some in-kind support to charities in the community near their workplaces.

The purpose of this program is to help the most vulnerable collaborators, who cannot afford unexpected expenses out of their economic reach that represent an impact on their quality of life.

Likewise, we eventually offer in-kind assistance to non-profit charities, which provide housing and/or studies to children and young people with limited resources.

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