Bulkmatic has more than 15 transfer terminals in different points of the country. Within these terminals we can make transfers from the railroad car to trucks, dry box, hoppers, pipes, bags, superbags, boxes, totes, bottles, buckets, drums and vice versa. Our specialty is the handling of bulk products and they can be dry and/or liquid. Some examples:

  • Plastic Resin Pellets.
  • Plastic Resin Powder.
  • Food grade products in grain and powder form.
  • Minerals.
  • Liquids.
  • Chemicals.
  • Fuels

Contamos con personal altamente calificado para administrar el canal de logística
ferroviaria y por carretera; con una visión de negocio integral en la importación y
exportación, el control y la entrega final del producto (última milla).
Monitoreo, rastreo y agilización de unidades ferroviarias para mejorar su eficiencia en el
tránsito, desde su cruce de frontera hasta su destino.

We have space for product storage in rail units in all our terminals and warehouses in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Hermosillo and Mexicali. We have the technology to safely transfer your raw material from rail units to tanks and self-loading pneumatic hoppers, product for bagging, packing or packaging.

Servicios Logísticos de productos a granel y de grado alimenticio bajo los más altos estándares de calidad.

Unloading service with specialized equipment of maritime containers of 20, 30 and 40 feet, with polyethylene liners for dry bulk raw materials.

Contamos con servicios de ensacado (bagging) de materia prima en bolsas de 25 Kg,
supersaco y gaylord. Cruce de andén para carga y descarga de furgón con mercancía
general, empacada ó paletizada.

Bulk goods transfer service from ferro hopper or ferro tank to hopper units, pipes, plastic resin iso-tanks, chemicals and food grade products. We use specialized equipment, as well as... Read more
Servicios Logísticos
Una extensa plantilla de tolvas y pipas para la entrega de materiales a granel tanto auto cargables como no auto cargables de acuerdo a las necesidades de nuestros clientes, unidades certificadas, monitoreadas y... Read more
Rail Services
All our terminals are Railway terminals that are prepared for the reception, weighing, switching and maneuvers related to rail cars. We have locomotives as a driving force for intraterminal movements as well as... Read more
Bagging in diverse presentations like 25 kg white bags, with printing or valvulated, Super Sacks, Gaylords, Octavines as well as packaging in totes or drums for liquids. We have automated or manual bagging and... Read more
Terminal services
Dbagging and transfer, weighing of auto hoppers and ferro hoppers, heating of liquid products, transfer and loading and... Read more
warehouse storage

We have warehouses for the storage of packaged products from resins to food grade products such as flour and...

Read more
Bulkmatic Integrated Solutions

Door to door, door to door, door to port and port to port services looking for the best service and the best...

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Special Services

In Bulkmatic we are always looking for a solution to our customer's needs from material recovery in mishaps, wet material...

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Effective solutions

In Bulkmatic de Mexico we always have a solution tailored to your needs, but we are not limited to them, we are proud to be part of the initiatives and projects of our customers and business partners sharing our experience and working together to get their goals.

Extensive Experience

More than 20 years in Mexico, 50 in the United States and 3 in Colombia support us as one of the leading companies in logistics solutions, transfer services, storage and transportation of goods, as well as collection in claims and specialized maneuvers. We also have experience in handling a wide range of products from plastic resins, food grade products, minerals, hydrocarbons, chemicals, etc.

Safe and secure

All our terminals are fenced and have private security 24/7.

On time

We have strategic programming according to your needs to deliver your products on time.


We have a online inventory and notifications system you always have the inventories at any time, as well as follow up on the services at the time of their start, delivery, and finishing.

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